Monday, 4 November 2013

DEVIL (poem)

I am a devil
I am having charm for filthy brains
I pray on human weaknesses
I am comrade of greed, hunt and lust
Voracity to acquire wealth
Hound to acquire power
Lust to acquire pleasure
I can live alone with my master-Hades
But nobody can feign their survival without me
I am an only cause to dissension
I always have a romance with jealousy
I donot require an invitation to enter souls
I reside in every bloody skeleton
I am an only cause of conflict
I always enhance corruption
I donot want to see your pain
Come embrace my blessing
Fulfill my salacious need of body
Therefore come, I WANT YOU!
-Pooja Sanandia

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Ctrl+ C copy everything other's life has
Showcase the spool of paper for existence
Show others that money bought happiness to you
by missing million moments of life
Like his calf growing as bad weed
Do you want money or million worth rich moments?
Ctrl + V paste there fabricated pompous behaviour
Crafting emotions of greed and lust
To want everything existing on this selfish soil
Instead a pool of peace
Better to use Ctrl +Z right now
Explore everything and gain contentment in life
Serenity is an adequate word to define

-pooja Sanandia

MELLA (poem)

Different shades of life
Elevating and driving us insane
We go round and round
Lurching front and back
Fluid moving up and down
Urging to reach the loftiest height
Expecting a paroxysm of cackle
To fulfill all veiled desire
Override every unravished peak of emotion
Where I see look and amaze
At contemptuous glowing shades of colors
Color of lamps shutting our eyes
Color of toys revealing artifacts
Everything is scarfed
Mocking darkness of heart and body
With beauty of moving lights and shades
As though Creating gala of deities visiting
On earth from different atmosphere
Where every soul is merry
Everything’s bliss to mankind !!

-Pooja Sanandia

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Culture, fear and prejudice
Always kills our instinct
 Never allow to live a moment to its fullest
Narrow looks, thoughts and minds
Everything is mask of ancient traditions
Everything is forced without reasoning
Million doubts advents
Everything leading to submission
Submission of dreams and passion
Reflect our mirror of action
Showing pity on our chained souls
Always captured in narrow WORLD!

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Tatty looks on every man
Sick of hard slog
In dingy shades of high rise buildings
Just to earn food,shelter and
Some kudos in society
Such small requirements
 For existence in this pristine world
With blessing of deity
Mortals are surviving at any rate till each dawn
But with the sunset of day
Burned out damp bodies with
Falling bowed shoulder, baffled looks
Returning to their dwelling
Craving for respite and peace of soul!
-Pooja Sanandia

Friday, 9 August 2013


White gold brunette of tobacco
Slim reel coating of paper
It arouses and purges every emotion
Flows through each channel of artery
Like a roller coaster ride
Alter body’s purity to mound of tar
Evokes desire to become smoke in life
Rising high, high and high
Breaking all barriers in way
But as reel burns in air
Revealing reality of survival
To fall on ground and get lost in soiled earth
It’s your choice to be smoke or ashes
In this cigarettes life!!!
-Pooja Sanandia

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Benediction of knowledge, culture and wisdom
Forfeited from our ancestors
But avarice of damned people
To gain wealth, power and every tiny thing
On earth with force to destroy it
God kept his faith in us
Raised us with care and comfort
But we doomed creature messed everything
Sun started to sweat
Oceans started to bleed
And moon gave away his siesta
We put every other mortal life to peril
Sick of us!!
Nauseous of our activities
God should curse us, punish us and slaughter our devil spirits
For devastating his picturesque EARTH!
-Pooja Sanandia

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WAIT (poem)

Obtuse dull ripen eyes
Still at door
Craving to see her child
Praying for his return
Since he took an oath for his nation
Pledge of being mercenary
Combating his nation
Mercilessly taking one life to spare others
Retaliation is always ON!

Does her wait worthwhile?
Will her labour of nine months be paid off?
Will he return to his homeland?
In white sheet of his dead corpse
Or white sheet hugging his steel body?
Will he become Bellona’s bridegroom
Or sacrifice himself for his Bellona-NATION?

Crusade always gave two results
Triumph of one nation
And bereavement on mother’s face
Of this country or foreign land
Dwindled old body craving for
Return of her child
From other nation, other warriors and ALL MIGHTY!!
-Pooja Sanandia

Monday, 20 May 2013


MEN forgot importance of someone
Someone who provides space of platform
Power to handle any load
Someone who is fighter of washing machine
Churns and remove dirt from every corner
Someone who is mixer of pressure cooker
Adds ingredients in proportions of demand
Someone who has ideal body of spoon
Fits in every situation, resolve every problems
In small bottle or large containers
Someone who is cleaner of dishes
Remove the remains of waste from everyone’s life
Someone who is a master of every task
Superstar of every chore
Big name of house
She is our mother,our sister, any girl….
Men forgot their importance!

-Pooja Sanandia

Thursday, 16 May 2013


COMPETITION means fight. Not a fight against weak, not a fight to be stronger ,not a fight to rule others but a fight to prove yourself to others that if you are not best but still you are not worst. Competition to world is considered a very tough challenge. Many consider it impossible, lose hope and live mediocre life.

Competition may be tough but a trial is worth rather than sitting in stands cheering for others. If you have never tried running a race how could you gain the experience! Competition may be tough and you might not win but you will gain experience and cherish the moment. You will never regret that you never participated. If Bill Gates never thought about Microsoft ,I think we would never enjoy using it. If Thomas Edison never thought about electricity, I think many like me would never survive. Therefore take chances and participate for every competition.

Competition may be tough but spirit of giving your full participation and effort is important rather than using foul games and tactic. Competition is over when you use wrong ways to win. Some people consider losing of competition means losing everything and feel wretched. Losing a competition does not mean you are weak or not worthy but it means that you will participate again and try harder to win it. You just lost a competition and not your life. We have to remain determined and focused that I will rise again. I will try harder. I will not lose my hope. A little amount of courage and hard work will always help you to reach your goals.

Who is my competition? Many give a simple reply that is” others” OMG! No ways others is not an answer to my question because I would say I am in competition with myself, with my inner being, my inner strength, my inner capabilities. I do not live to prove others but myself. My competition may be more tough than competition faced with world. We feel we are competing with each other. WRONG! We are competing with ourselves.I AM COMPETING WITH MYSELF, ARE YOU? ;)

-Pooja Sanandia

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Strong monstrous red light
Piercing in every eyes
Buzzing like hoot of arriving train

Sharp silver bedspread
Craving for your body
Screaming as if deads rising from crypt

Slim experienced spatulas and needles
Oozing red flashy blood from arteries
Moving them as if hitting six out of stadium

Rump fed angry woman(nurse)
Covered with white apparel and red cross
Surrounding you as if soldier saving their country
And constantly bombarding its ammo
(may be looks, medication or extra needles)

 Oh gosh !no! no! no!...
I am awake
Thank God! I am not in hospital
It was just an unusual thought..scary thought
I am away from ambulance, stature, needles and nurse!
Great sign of relief :D
I am safe!
-Pooja Sanandia

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


EXISTENCE? Simple but very strong question of life. Does your existence matter to this world? Does anybody care if you exist or not? Does anybody think after you are gone? Does your existence in world affect others life? Mind starts boggling when you are surrounded with too many questions to be answered.

I am confused with too many questions. I wish an answer to them. existence??I ask few questions to myself. Do I care if anyone says you are nobody to me? Do I care if somebody says goodbye without any reason? Do I care if I am lost? Do I care if anybody leaves me in middle of my life?

YES ! I do care. When we travel in bus to reach office, we pay full price of ticket and the driver drops you halfway of office. Obviously we will feel injustice similar is the case with life. If we are existing on this earth why not fulfill each and every dream. Why not live each and every moment with satisfaction! But precaution,do not waste on someone who does not care if you are there or not. If ever they considered you second choice, do not worry they made a choice good for them but there is always second side of coin, they did not fight for you. Your existence is only your question so therefore do not depend what others do. Just concentrate on yourself and about your loved ones.

Existence in this world expects something from you. Existence demands feeling all emotions of life ,i.e. pain, happiness, pressure, anger, love, care etc. Existence of minute honeybee is also important because they are only being which can produce honey naturally. Existence might be difficult but not impossible. Sometimes existing alone is not an option but mutual cooperation can allow in achieving many barriers of life.

But still why do we exist?? Am I important to this world??I am important to myself but when this question asked to others I doubt its answer. I have very normal routine of existence in this world. Wake up, get ready, go to school, spend most of time in school, coming home, studying, eating , playing, practicing, watching tv and socializing...omg!thats it, nothing different from others. I realize I am not different from others but still everyone lives life differently. Everyone differs in the way they stimulate to any act. Some people prefer to sit on dining table while some prefer to sit on their motherland(on floor).Sitting on floor is not inferior because those people believe that it is their way of living life, simply without any materialistic obsession.

Thus life of every being is important, even if you are Bill Gates or a small town boy or a bagger because everyone comes on earth with different purpose of living. Presence of bagger is necessary, not because elite (priviledged)can make them puppets but if they are not their elite people would not enjoy full fledged meal. Therefore every ones existence is important but it is the way we live and what we make of it differs from rest! You could desire to stay lazy and starve for food or word hard and enjoy your meal with satisfaction. I know my summation of words does not clarify questions about existence but it has made me think deep and increased my hunger for answers. Is my existence necessary?

-Pooja Sanandia

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Cut throat competition is on!
Pull up your work shocks
Donot give those Pekinese looks
Act as Tyrcan tiger on work!!

Ohh gosh! boring callous words of life
Full of competition
Full of pressure
Full of burden tangled
With swift slipping time
But scorn of world struck us!

We lost passion to drudgery
Feel like dumping all our toil
Breaking chain of slog and live free
But renaissance is not an option
Duh! Once you enter their no exit door

Ominous path of solemn life is chosen
Just burning those pages of loved ones
leaving those eyes looking forward for me
Just tilling crypt of delight by call of Proserpina
Attracting hunters to strike bows on my hide
Let Diana enjoy the play: WORLD
-Pooja Sanandia

Monday, 15 April 2013


I am walking on the path
May be too smooth lush green grass
Or may be too hard jagged rocks
 But I never complain
I am dressed in uneven leg for perfect outlook
May be too tight to fit
Or may be too tiny to fasten
But I never object
I am showcased in any occasions
May be for glee instance
Or may be for bland or insipid affairs
But I never grumble
I am pierced with needles
May be too make it attractive
Or may be to suture tattered treads
But I never protest
I am just another obsession of humans
May be for pleasure of prima donna
Or may be for fulfillment of tame outfit
But I never whine
I yen to confront against this
Set myself on mutiny with world
Coz in the end I am ditched in junk of basement
Nevertheless I never nitpick
As I am not earthly-reality struck
-Pooja Sanandia

Thursday, 11 April 2013

FREEDOM (poem)

I want freedom from being scrutinized
For how I appear, how I dress, how I move about
I want freedom from being questioned
For how I react, for how I think
I want freedom from being jealous
From how others get success,
From how others spend their time
I want freedom from being biased
From how I adjudicate others,
 From how I misjudge their intension
I want freedom from being loved
For my personality, For my emotional outlook
I want freedom from being sympathized
For my letdown, for my pains ,
For my snivels on life matters
I want freedom from being pampered
For fulfillment of my every requirements
I want freedom from being framed
For what surname I carry,
From where I belong
I want freedom from being earthly
For I.... only wish immortality of my success…
-Pooja Sanandia

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Breaking of Glass

Breaking of glass

Half filled with water
Half filled with barren air
Breaking of goblet
Just increases pieces of trash
Increases spilled water on floor
Increases disbursement of buying new
But breaking of glass
Is brought by thousand cracks
on slim sheet of crystalline rock
angels of crack and thirst won
we yearn for water
contravention of glass
brought triumph of air
by  perforating or piercing  slowly
 but agonizingly on soft metal
its smash to smithereens very being
i hear victory song of air
saying I broke a metal and
 brought wrath of water
but I would say you broke your companion
I would grieve for glass
That it trusted  air…
-pooja sanandia

Monday, 1 April 2013


My heart is desiccated
I wish to suck
My feelings
Flowing in minute blood
I wish to exit
My soul
Moving with bones of skeleton
I wish to slaughter
My thoughts
Rip them from my mind
I wish to fight
My mortality
Bring immortality to my success
I wish to rape
My innocence
Protect me from being hurt
I wish to torture
My righteousness
Bring devil to deceive people
I wish to stab
My dilemma
Built concrete structure of being
I just wish……
-pooja sananadia


Give me immunity
From imposters of life
Misery, burden, snivel, pain
I wish stardom or eminence
My shortcut-it is my hard slog
My best colleague
Competitor of my weakness(laziness)
I crave for work
I crave for smart work
But key to success Is only hardwork

Farmer can grow crop to get sweet yield
But has to work hard to maintain it
Student can go to best school
But has to work hard to gain knowledge
Politicians can contest for elections
But has to work hard to earn votes
Tailor can buy piece of fabric
But has to work hard to suture it….

I forgot my path…of maintaining,gaining,
earning,suturing my way to success
I messed it up with my burning ambition
 I forgot hard work is key to success
I am lost
Turning back might bring disaster
Time will pass on
Moving forward rises my difficulty
But no solutions…as I lost my skill to hard work

MY HUNT (poem)

I am scavenger
My desire to hunt books
Evokes essence of turning fresh pages
Loves to crave new lexis
With succulent fluency
Longs to clean each drop of knowledge
To earn wisdom and sense
Reach each part of my body and
Bring satisfaction to my starvation
After preying one
I yearn for more, more and more…
-Pooja Sanandia

MY STORY (poem)

                                                                     Life is a picture
Look around you will see many
But to fit in one..ohh gosh!!!
Nevertheless still you are a part of one
We have to choose amid
ecstatic or poignant
tricky or trouble free
throng or abandoned
we have to make choices….
Choices choices choices…a huge chaos
Still life is name of stepping up
But hassle of getting caught up
Everyone shouting….”battle is on, make us proud”
Mind starts boggling
Omg what will happen if I do not win
Omg what will everyone think
My parents, My friends, My relatives, My society
But with ray of optimism 
the scene changes
Twaddle!!I am not a darkhorse
I am front runner of every race….
Race of academics
Race of sports
Race of pressure
Race of life
I am winner
Life is my trophy….only mine
Let me live it
Shoot me as centerpiece or shoot me with a gun
-Pooja Sanandia