Thursday, 25 April 2013


Cut throat competition is on!
Pull up your work shocks
Donot give those Pekinese looks
Act as Tyrcan tiger on work!!

Ohh gosh! boring callous words of life
Full of competition
Full of pressure
Full of burden tangled
With swift slipping time
But scorn of world struck us!

We lost passion to drudgery
Feel like dumping all our toil
Breaking chain of slog and live free
But renaissance is not an option
Duh! Once you enter their no exit door

Ominous path of solemn life is chosen
Just burning those pages of loved ones
leaving those eyes looking forward for me
Just tilling crypt of delight by call of Proserpina
Attracting hunters to strike bows on my hide
Let Diana enjoy the play: WORLD
-Pooja Sanandia

Monday, 15 April 2013


I am walking on the path
May be too smooth lush green grass
Or may be too hard jagged rocks
 But I never complain
I am dressed in uneven leg for perfect outlook
May be too tight to fit
Or may be too tiny to fasten
But I never object
I am showcased in any occasions
May be for glee instance
Or may be for bland or insipid affairs
But I never grumble
I am pierced with needles
May be too make it attractive
Or may be to suture tattered treads
But I never protest
I am just another obsession of humans
May be for pleasure of prima donna
Or may be for fulfillment of tame outfit
But I never whine
I yen to confront against this
Set myself on mutiny with world
Coz in the end I am ditched in junk of basement
Nevertheless I never nitpick
As I am not earthly-reality struck
-Pooja Sanandia

Thursday, 11 April 2013

FREEDOM (poem)

I want freedom from being scrutinized
For how I appear, how I dress, how I move about
I want freedom from being questioned
For how I react, for how I think
I want freedom from being jealous
From how others get success,
From how others spend their time
I want freedom from being biased
From how I adjudicate others,
 From how I misjudge their intension
I want freedom from being loved
For my personality, For my emotional outlook
I want freedom from being sympathized
For my letdown, for my pains ,
For my snivels on life matters
I want freedom from being pampered
For fulfillment of my every requirements
I want freedom from being framed
For what surname I carry,
From where I belong
I want freedom from being earthly
For I.... only wish immortality of my success…
-Pooja Sanandia

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Breaking of Glass

Breaking of glass

Half filled with water
Half filled with barren air
Breaking of goblet
Just increases pieces of trash
Increases spilled water on floor
Increases disbursement of buying new
But breaking of glass
Is brought by thousand cracks
on slim sheet of crystalline rock
angels of crack and thirst won
we yearn for water
contravention of glass
brought triumph of air
by  perforating or piercing  slowly
 but agonizingly on soft metal
its smash to smithereens very being
i hear victory song of air
saying I broke a metal and
 brought wrath of water
but I would say you broke your companion
I would grieve for glass
That it trusted  air…
-pooja sanandia

Monday, 1 April 2013


My heart is desiccated
I wish to suck
My feelings
Flowing in minute blood
I wish to exit
My soul
Moving with bones of skeleton
I wish to slaughter
My thoughts
Rip them from my mind
I wish to fight
My mortality
Bring immortality to my success
I wish to rape
My innocence
Protect me from being hurt
I wish to torture
My righteousness
Bring devil to deceive people
I wish to stab
My dilemma
Built concrete structure of being
I just wish……
-pooja sananadia


Give me immunity
From imposters of life
Misery, burden, snivel, pain
I wish stardom or eminence
My shortcut-it is my hard slog
My best colleague
Competitor of my weakness(laziness)
I crave for work
I crave for smart work
But key to success Is only hardwork

Farmer can grow crop to get sweet yield
But has to work hard to maintain it
Student can go to best school
But has to work hard to gain knowledge
Politicians can contest for elections
But has to work hard to earn votes
Tailor can buy piece of fabric
But has to work hard to suture it….

I forgot my path…of maintaining,gaining,
earning,suturing my way to success
I messed it up with my burning ambition
 I forgot hard work is key to success
I am lost
Turning back might bring disaster
Time will pass on
Moving forward rises my difficulty
But no solutions…as I lost my skill to hard work

MY HUNT (poem)

I am scavenger
My desire to hunt books
Evokes essence of turning fresh pages
Loves to crave new lexis
With succulent fluency
Longs to clean each drop of knowledge
To earn wisdom and sense
Reach each part of my body and
Bring satisfaction to my starvation
After preying one
I yearn for more, more and more…
-Pooja Sanandia

MY STORY (poem)

                                                                     Life is a picture
Look around you will see many
But to fit in one..ohh gosh!!!
Nevertheless still you are a part of one
We have to choose amid
ecstatic or poignant
tricky or trouble free
throng or abandoned
we have to make choices….
Choices choices choices…a huge chaos
Still life is name of stepping up
But hassle of getting caught up
Everyone shouting….”battle is on, make us proud”
Mind starts boggling
Omg what will happen if I do not win
Omg what will everyone think
My parents, My friends, My relatives, My society
But with ray of optimism 
the scene changes
Twaddle!!I am not a darkhorse
I am front runner of every race….
Race of academics
Race of sports
Race of pressure
Race of life
I am winner
Life is my trophy….only mine
Let me live it
Shoot me as centerpiece or shoot me with a gun
-Pooja Sanandia