Thursday, 25 April 2013


Cut throat competition is on!
Pull up your work shocks
Donot give those Pekinese looks
Act as Tyrcan tiger on work!!

Ohh gosh! boring callous words of life
Full of competition
Full of pressure
Full of burden tangled
With swift slipping time
But scorn of world struck us!

We lost passion to drudgery
Feel like dumping all our toil
Breaking chain of slog and live free
But renaissance is not an option
Duh! Once you enter their no exit door

Ominous path of solemn life is chosen
Just burning those pages of loved ones
leaving those eyes looking forward for me
Just tilling crypt of delight by call of Proserpina
Attracting hunters to strike bows on my hide
Let Diana enjoy the play: WORLD
-Pooja Sanandia