Monday, 15 April 2013


I am walking on the path
May be too smooth lush green grass
Or may be too hard jagged rocks
 But I never complain
I am dressed in uneven leg for perfect outlook
May be too tight to fit
Or may be too tiny to fasten
But I never object
I am showcased in any occasions
May be for glee instance
Or may be for bland or insipid affairs
But I never grumble
I am pierced with needles
May be too make it attractive
Or may be to suture tattered treads
But I never protest
I am just another obsession of humans
May be for pleasure of prima donna
Or may be for fulfillment of tame outfit
But I never whine
I yen to confront against this
Set myself on mutiny with world
Coz in the end I am ditched in junk of basement
Nevertheless I never nitpick
As I am not earthly-reality struck
-Pooja Sanandia