Monday, 1 April 2013


Give me immunity
From imposters of life
Misery, burden, snivel, pain
I wish stardom or eminence
My shortcut-it is my hard slog
My best colleague
Competitor of my weakness(laziness)
I crave for work
I crave for smart work
But key to success Is only hardwork

Farmer can grow crop to get sweet yield
But has to work hard to maintain it
Student can go to best school
But has to work hard to gain knowledge
Politicians can contest for elections
But has to work hard to earn votes
Tailor can buy piece of fabric
But has to work hard to suture it….

I forgot my path…of maintaining,gaining,
earning,suturing my way to success
I messed it up with my burning ambition
 I forgot hard work is key to success
I am lost
Turning back might bring disaster
Time will pass on
Moving forward rises my difficulty
But no solutions…as I lost my skill to hard work