Monday, 1 April 2013

MY STORY (poem)

                                                                     Life is a picture
Look around you will see many
But to fit in one..ohh gosh!!!
Nevertheless still you are a part of one
We have to choose amid
ecstatic or poignant
tricky or trouble free
throng or abandoned
we have to make choices….
Choices choices choices…a huge chaos
Still life is name of stepping up
But hassle of getting caught up
Everyone shouting….”battle is on, make us proud”
Mind starts boggling
Omg what will happen if I do not win
Omg what will everyone think
My parents, My friends, My relatives, My society
But with ray of optimism 
the scene changes
Twaddle!!I am not a darkhorse
I am front runner of every race….
Race of academics
Race of sports
Race of pressure
Race of life
I am winner
Life is my trophy….only mine
Let me live it
Shoot me as centerpiece or shoot me with a gun
-Pooja Sanandia