Wednesday, 29 May 2013

WAIT (poem)

Obtuse dull ripen eyes
Still at door
Craving to see her child
Praying for his return
Since he took an oath for his nation
Pledge of being mercenary
Combating his nation
Mercilessly taking one life to spare others
Retaliation is always ON!

Does her wait worthwhile?
Will her labour of nine months be paid off?
Will he return to his homeland?
In white sheet of his dead corpse
Or white sheet hugging his steel body?
Will he become Bellona’s bridegroom
Or sacrifice himself for his Bellona-NATION?

Crusade always gave two results
Triumph of one nation
And bereavement on mother’s face
Of this country or foreign land
Dwindled old body craving for
Return of her child
From other nation, other warriors and ALL MIGHTY!!
-Pooja Sanandia