Thursday, 16 May 2013


COMPETITION means fight. Not a fight against weak, not a fight to be stronger ,not a fight to rule others but a fight to prove yourself to others that if you are not best but still you are not worst. Competition to world is considered a very tough challenge. Many consider it impossible, lose hope and live mediocre life.

Competition may be tough but a trial is worth rather than sitting in stands cheering for others. If you have never tried running a race how could you gain the experience! Competition may be tough and you might not win but you will gain experience and cherish the moment. You will never regret that you never participated. If Bill Gates never thought about Microsoft ,I think we would never enjoy using it. If Thomas Edison never thought about electricity, I think many like me would never survive. Therefore take chances and participate for every competition.

Competition may be tough but spirit of giving your full participation and effort is important rather than using foul games and tactic. Competition is over when you use wrong ways to win. Some people consider losing of competition means losing everything and feel wretched. Losing a competition does not mean you are weak or not worthy but it means that you will participate again and try harder to win it. You just lost a competition and not your life. We have to remain determined and focused that I will rise again. I will try harder. I will not lose my hope. A little amount of courage and hard work will always help you to reach your goals.

Who is my competition? Many give a simple reply that is” others” OMG! No ways others is not an answer to my question because I would say I am in competition with myself, with my inner being, my inner strength, my inner capabilities. I do not live to prove others but myself. My competition may be more tough than competition faced with world. We feel we are competing with each other. WRONG! We are competing with ourselves.I AM COMPETING WITH MYSELF, ARE YOU? ;)

-Pooja Sanandia