Sunday, 12 May 2013


Strong monstrous red light
Piercing in every eyes
Buzzing like hoot of arriving train

Sharp silver bedspread
Craving for your body
Screaming as if deads rising from crypt

Slim experienced spatulas and needles
Oozing red flashy blood from arteries
Moving them as if hitting six out of stadium

Rump fed angry woman(nurse)
Covered with white apparel and red cross
Surrounding you as if soldier saving their country
And constantly bombarding its ammo
(may be looks, medication or extra needles)

 Oh gosh !no! no! no!...
I am awake
Thank God! I am not in hospital
It was just an unusual thought..scary thought
I am away from ambulance, stature, needles and nurse!
Great sign of relief :D
I am safe!
-Pooja Sanandia