Sunday, 11 August 2013


Tatty looks on every man
Sick of hard slog
In dingy shades of high rise buildings
Just to earn food,shelter and
Some kudos in society
Such small requirements
 For existence in this pristine world
With blessing of deity
Mortals are surviving at any rate till each dawn
But with the sunset of day
Burned out damp bodies with
Falling bowed shoulder, baffled looks
Returning to their dwelling
Craving for respite and peace of soul!
-Pooja Sanandia

Friday, 9 August 2013


White gold brunette of tobacco
Slim reel coating of paper
It arouses and purges every emotion
Flows through each channel of artery
Like a roller coaster ride
Alter body’s purity to mound of tar
Evokes desire to become smoke in life
Rising high, high and high
Breaking all barriers in way
But as reel burns in air
Revealing reality of survival
To fall on ground and get lost in soiled earth
It’s your choice to be smoke or ashes
In this cigarettes life!!!
-Pooja Sanandia