Sunday, 22 September 2013


Ctrl+ C copy everything other's life has
Showcase the spool of paper for existence
Show others that money bought happiness to you
by missing million moments of life
Like his calf growing as bad weed
Do you want money or million worth rich moments?
Ctrl + V paste there fabricated pompous behaviour
Crafting emotions of greed and lust
To want everything existing on this selfish soil
Instead a pool of peace
Better to use Ctrl +Z right now
Explore everything and gain contentment in life
Serenity is an adequate word to define

-pooja Sanandia

MELLA (poem)

Different shades of life
Elevating and driving us insane
We go round and round
Lurching front and back
Fluid moving up and down
Urging to reach the loftiest height
Expecting a paroxysm of cackle
To fulfill all veiled desire
Override every unravished peak of emotion
Where I see look and amaze
At contemptuous glowing shades of colors
Color of lamps shutting our eyes
Color of toys revealing artifacts
Everything is scarfed
Mocking darkness of heart and body
With beauty of moving lights and shades
As though Creating gala of deities visiting
On earth from different atmosphere
Where every soul is merry
Everything’s bliss to mankind !!

-Pooja Sanandia

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Culture, fear and prejudice
Always kills our instinct
 Never allow to live a moment to its fullest
Narrow looks, thoughts and minds
Everything is mask of ancient traditions
Everything is forced without reasoning
Million doubts advents
Everything leading to submission
Submission of dreams and passion
Reflect our mirror of action
Showing pity on our chained souls
Always captured in narrow WORLD!